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How we build our portfolios

Our portfolios are constructing using the Black-Litterman model to determine the weights between the asset classes used for our client's investments.

Portfolio construction is a core responsibility of an investment advisor. We utilize the Black-Litterman model to determine the weights between the asset classes used for our client's investments.

The Black-Litterman model was developed by economists Fischer Black and Robert Litterman in the 1990s to address the limitations of traditional mean-variance optimization, a commonly used method for constructing portfolios. The model is based on investors' views on the expected returns of different assets, which can be combined with the market equilibrium to produce a more optimal portfolio.

We use historical data on the performance and correlation of ETFs that track indices representing our core asset classes: Domestic/US equities, International Equities, Emerging Markets, and Fixed Income as inputs to our model. We can then produce portfolios with target weights for each asset class with a target variance. This allows us to match a portfolio to an investor's risk tolerance.

For domestic equities, we take a direct-indexing approach. This allows us to reflect an investor's specific ethical preferences that they select in our platform. We construct a market-cap weighted portfolio of equities, while excluding any companies from the themes a client has selected. As of the writing of this blog, any equity position we open must be at least $1. As a result, smaller portfolios will be in fewer equities.

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