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Invest for a better future

Build wealth while supporting the causes you care about, whether that's gender equality or climate action.
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Build your wealth, save your planet.

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We design you a custom portfolio tailored specifically to your personal values and wealth goals. And do so at a low annual fixed fee of 0.25%.

Transparency and control
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Know exactly which companies you're invested in, which have been excluded or over-emphasized and why.

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Get monthly reports that highlight your tangible impact and wealth growth. Track progress in one, single dashboard.

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Human Rights

Divest from companies that violate employee rights, like private prison operators and companies with unsafe workplaces. Invest in companies that pay employees a fair, living wage.

Diversity and Inclusion

De-fund companies with homogenous leadership teams or excessive CEO pay. Allocate more dollars to companies with a track record of minority empowerment and women leadership.

Climate Action

Exclude stocks with a high carbon footprint, for example, oil and gas companies. Invest in stocks with lower carbon emissions and clean energy products, like electric vehicles.

Sustainable production

Don't fund companies that drive major deforestation and land degradation. Support companies that make optimal use of raw materials, adopt sustainable packaging, with low waste and pollution.


Divest from firearm manufacturers and military contractors to help reduce preventable American deaths.

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Direct indexing unlocks a level of customization that was otherwise unattainable with an off-the-shelf fund.

Vise (2021)

The vote we make with our dollars could have more impact potentially than the vote we cast at the ballot box.

Laura Oldanie, Founder of Rich and Resilient Living (2021)

Over the last 10 years, sustainable funds have provided similar returns to traditional funds while reducing downside risk.

Sustainable Reality (2019)

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A smarter, more inclusive way to invest sustainably

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